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Really, I mean it. I could point you to a number of cheap or free website building tools and spend a couple of hours showing you how they work and you could build your own website. So why do people actually pay me? Why have you heard of other businesses spending a lot of money for their web design? DIY Companies that advertise that you can can build-your-own website if you pay them a nominal $15 or $20 per month fee aren’t telling you what actually good web designers know. But I’ll tell you right now: There’s a right way and a wrong way to build your website.

Let’s start with the wrong way. The wrong way to do web design is to treat it as an informational pamphlet or a digital business card. Sure, it may be occasionally useful for someone to get the same information they could get on a single piece of paper by going to your website… but that’s leaving so much money on the table. That’s like buying a billboard on a dirt road outside of a town of 100 people. It just doesn’t make much sense. As with every marketing tool, you’ve got to use the tool for what makes it unique. Your website has a unique opportunity to attract potential customers, call them to action, turn them into leads, and convert those leads into paying customers.

Let’s actually to go back to the billboard example for a moment. Billboards definitely can be an effective form of advertising, but think of all the waste that they create as well. A person who has absolutely no interest in your product or service seeing your billboard is a waste. And on any given highway, what percentage of people that see your billboard are actually interested in your product or service? Probably a pretty low percentage. However, if your web design is done the right way, you can rest assured that a high percentage of people who visit your website will be those who are actually interested in your product or service. So a website made the purpose of producing results makes it easy on visitors to actually take action and become a warm lead for you. We build websites focused on lead-generation.

How We Are Different

So what about our web design services are different? How do we design with a purpose of producing results? 

First and foremost, we make sure the website works great on any type of device. A huge chunk of internet traffic today comes from mobile devices. If your website doesn’t work well on Mobile, it’s not an effective website. We also follow some essential marketing principles to guide visitors to taking action.

Additionally, we consider how people will find your website. This is arguably even more important. There are a lot of myths that have come and gone over the years regarding “Search Engine Optimization” or “SEO”. There are typically 3 groups when it come to SEO:

Group 1 doesn’t know or care about it. They do nothing to their site to optimize it for Google, and it either never ranks high on google searches or they get lucky because there is no competition with good SEO.

Group 2
knows about it, but doesn’t know how to do it right. So they end up doing weird things like keyword stuffing, where they write super unnatural sounding content on their site where they just repeat the keyword they want to rank high on a google search for, and end up looking like a buffoon.

Group 3
, who know the proper way to do SEO and realize that, while it’s a meticulous process, when done right it can yield great results. I pride myself in being in Group 3. You can read more about our Search Engine Optimization here.

So, if you think a website is no big deal and just another form of static advertising, equal to business cards or billboards or just owning a Facebook page for your business, we aren’t gonna be a good fit to work together. And I wish you the best. If you don’t know what to do with a steady increase in leads and can’t close the sale with people who contact you looking for your product or service, we won’t be a good fit either. However, if you believe in or you’re curious about the power of a properly designed, developed, and optimized-for-lead-generation website can bring to your business, and can actually handle more business, let’s have a chat.

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