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The Brand Blueprint

You’ve got the potential for success, and we are going to find out why

This briefing is for you and us. It’s a mind-clearing, strength-revealing, eye-opening experience. We will ask key questions, and get inside your head. We’ll be able to make a profile for you and your business and draw out a roadmap by the time we are finished.

What it will look like

We’ll start by asking some questions over email or other digital correspondence. We’ll get you to send us some information and type out some answers to questions. Then we’ll hop on a phone call for typically 1 – 1.5 hours. The time spent in these sessions will have your gears turning, forcing you to examine your brand in new ways, while the 762 Media team takes everything in and begins formulating a strategy to set your brand apart and start scaling your business. After the process is over, you’ll receive a written brief that identifies the opportunity your brand has, and a plan to move forward.


(This cost gets applied to any Brand Build moving forward.)

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